Sambal Terasi

Did I tell you that…my husband cooks? 🙂

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If there is one  thing, which is definitively Indonesian, it is Sambal. It is said you are not Indonesian, if you don’t like and know how to make it.

That’s all well and good, but there are almost as many different sambals, as there are islands in Indonesia. This isn’t even an exaggeration, the dish you eat will most likely have a certain sambal; different ethnic groups will have their own, and each ibu – ibu will have their own recipe for each one.


In this post, I’m just going to talk about one type in particular – sambal terasi. It is a favourite amongst Indonesians, especially those in Java. It is special, because of the rather pungent ingredient, terasi, or shrimp paste. For more information on this fragrant ingredient, check out my previous post.


This sambal is easy to make, its main ingredients are simply; chili, garlic, red…

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4 thoughts on “Sambal Terasi

  1. Oh I figured it was your hubby’s blog! Got to love sambal terasi!! The peranakan baba nyonya cuisine also uses terasi too. In Malaysia they called is belacan.

    • Ah yes, some restaurants here call them belacan too. My husband HATES the smell of terasi but he likes the taste of it. This is actually his first time to properly make sambal terasi.

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