Lazy Day Ritual

We have just had a four-day weekend in Indonesia, bless the religiosity of this country, an Islamic and Christian holiday fell on Thursday and Friday. I didn’t go anywhere in these four days, just because I knew that I had a lot to catch up on my writings (work-wise).

The husband enjoyed doing a lot of cookings and me enjoyed a lot of writings, and dancing at the gym. Now that the weekend has come to an end, here is a few things I did to pamper myself while lazy-ing around in my fluffy robe, besides watching K-drama and my favourite American-made Sherlock: Elementary.


  1. Set a timer for my coffee maker the night before, what’s better than waking up to a living room smell of coffee?
  2. Eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of my day, at any day any time. My breakfast options are rather boring: muesli fruity cereals, or a bowl of oatmeals with honey.
  3. Stay in bed blogging, or watch my favourite TV shows. Or watch YouTube forever. My favourite YouTube channels are: Kaushal Beauty, Sarah Ayu, and 1Million dance studio.
  4. Watch the husband cooks 🙂
  5.  When the sun goes down, I’d like to relax by lighting my favourite candle. My current favourite is this Vanilla Bean candle by Bath and Body Works, which I got recently as a birthday gift. My other favourite would be the Caramel one. I love the smell of caramel or vanilla, the husband bakes, so this vanilla-scented candle just remind me of his chocolate chip cookies. Nom nom!
  6. Paint my toenails.. I don’t like wearing nail polish on my finger nails, because my finger nails are always short and I am very very clumsy. One minute after I polished my finger nails, bad things always happen to them.
  7. Scrub my face and body. Exfoliating takes a while so I’d rather do this when I have a lot of time. For my face, I normally do multi-masking using my TBS Seaweed Clay Mask and Sensatia Honey Mask.
  8. Before sleep, put on some sheet mask on your face, let it sit for 20 minutes – good time for a quick nap, really – and lock the moisture by applying your night cream or sleeping pact before bed. I am currently using this Elianto sheet mask, but my favourite is actually My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask in Hyaluronic Acid.

I don’t do anything else much, really. I am pretty addicted to sheet mask lately so not only for lazy day, I use them on most days, like twice or thrice a week :p

What are you up to on your lazy day?





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