Tis’ the season to be pregnant!

I still remember days when me and two of my best friends busy planning and preparing a wedding, we got so excited so happy together, tailoring our dream wedding come true. It’s good when you’re having mutual excitements…but babies, I am never excited about babies. Out of five pregnant friends I know – two of them are my best friends whom I planned my dream wedding with.


I am living in a country where people get married to have children. Within a week of me being married, people are asking me if I am pregnant yet or not. Come on, I am 26 and only been married for 4 months.

The thought of being pregnant terrifies me, I haven’t felt this comfortable with my body since a long time, so the thought of changes in my body, and having to bear the morning sickness and back pain — which I already have — is a big no.

Nor I think I can stand being a mother, I don’t like children, my husband doesn’t like children. They say you’ll change when it comes to a child of your own, but I have a friend who STILL hates children even after two daughters.

I am happy for my pregnant friends — especially the ones who actually want to have children. Although a little part of me realized that sooner or later, once those babies born, I might have to say goodbye to my friends for a couple of years. Everyone knows being parents is a difficult job.

I know once they become a mother they will be hard to contact, they will be focusing on their babies, and a friend like me… who knows nothing about motherhood nor care enough to be one, would done them nothing but distract them.


8 thoughts on “Tis’ the season to be pregnant!

  1. I have been married for nearly five years, still living a life like single and enjoying our own marriage life. Whenever people asked me why we don’t have children, my answer is “Don’t you know that rising children to the age of 18 would cost me 330,000 USD?” :-p it is even terrifying for my husband. Lol

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