Honeymoon Discovery: Sensatia Botanicals


The husband and I had a quick weekend honeymoon – mini honeymoon – in Bali last February. We spent our brief trip mostly in Ubud, Central Bali. As we took a little stroll on Monkey Forest Road, I spotted an interesting shop: Sensatia Botanicals, more details about this brand here. I figured then, since I finished my TBS face scrub, I might as well try their facial scrub… and I fell in love. Two weeks after continuously using their face scrub daily, I decided to buy their face mask and lip balm online.

Sensatia Botanicals Coconut & Vanilla Facial Scrub

I religiously used this face scrub every night before sleep to cleanse my face out of every single dust I caught from spending my commute hours on a motorbike. The scrub feels gentle, almost as gentle as my Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized, seriously doesn’t feel dry at all. You would probably ask, is it okay to scrub your face every day? I have combination skin and I have been doing this daily since a month before I got married. The make up artist asked me to exfoliate daily to get rid of white heads over my chin and nose, and it worked. Just be very careful to make sure you are using a gentle-formulated scrub, if it leaves your skin feeling dry or tight after use, I think exfoliate once a week is enough. I almost reach the bottom of my tube now and surely will repurchase this.


Sensatia Botanicals Wild Honey Facial Mask

Now to a more serious deal, the face mask. The fear of aging made me put more attention into my skin, especially my face and my neck since it will be the first thing you will see when you see someone. I am using this mask together with my TBS Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask on my T-zone. Honestly speaking here, this wild honey face mask doesn’t do wonders as the scrub does, this mask only gave me a clean feeling, you know, the feeling you get whenever you finished washing your face – so there’s nothing special there. I am afraid I will have to move on from this one.


Cocoa & Honey Lip Bliss

I know how important it is to take care of your kissable lips, especially when these days everyone seems to love matte finished lipstick/lip-paint. I have tried so many lipbalms in my life and I always hate the sticky, oily feeling on my lips. Until I had the chance to try a friend’s botanical lip protection from Sensatia at work… and it felt great. However, the one I bought, despite being chocolatey, still leaves me with a little bit of sticky feeling which I don’t like. They must have made these two with different formulas. Still though, this lipbalm is better than any other drugstore lipbalms I bought, now I only use it before sleep along with my night cream and Avene facial spray to keep myself hydrated overnight. When I reach the bottom of this pot, I am planning on buying the botanical lip protection because I seem to like that one better..

To sum up this review, I think Sensatia Botanicals has done a pretty good job in producing affordable-earth-friendly skincare. I know there are a lot of other ‘local’ skincare brands in Bali and Indonesia, and this is one of them that I tried and I fell in love with. They also ship worldwide, which is pretty handy, last time I purchased the botanical lip protection and had Sensatia sent it to England for my friend’s birthday and she’s loving it! I am excited to try their other products and can’t wait to come back to Bali and just buy everything because I find their flat rate for domestic shipping still pretty high compared to local expeditions *yesiamtightlikethat* 🙂 Have you tried any Sensatia Botanicals’ product yet?






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