Beauty Report: Color My Eyes

I am always an eyeliner person, if such term exists. I can’t leave the house without eyeliner, but the wedding season is here and surely a lady needs more than just an eyeliner to accomplish a beautiful wedding guest look. So there I had the eye shadows game started. I have owned two eye shadows so far, one isย a brand-less eye shadow given by a friend after she came back from Japan and the other one isย the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2, given to me as a birthday gift last year, which I believe the best dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette 2.

Now to the review, this month I purchased three drugstore eye shadows. To be fair I ALMOST convinced myself to splurge and buy the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette but I am still very bad at blending so I don’t see the point of wasting high-end eye shadow with my poor blending techniques.


The first I am going to review is the MakeOver Trivia Eyeshadow in shade Enchanting Nude Spell. This palette contains three neutral eye shadow, each color are very pigmented even without primers and is easy to apply with fingers/ shadow brush. With its sturdy package, versatile color, and small size, PLUS a great mirror in the palette I’d say this would make a great travel palette. Be it business travel or summer holiday, the size perfectly fits into your handbag. I am so far very happy with this purchases, especially considering MakeOver as a local Indonesian brand, this makes me very proud of local product *teary-eyed*


Second, L’oreal La Palette Nude in Rose. This palette is also, very travel friendly, it comes in a slim but sturdy packaging, in black with golden font at the lid. Which makes this drugstore eye palette looks a little fancy, I’d say. The palette consists of 10 pink toned shadows, the pigmentation is so-so, and the color doesn’t really show on my medium skin tone. You will need to build them with several layers until you get the actual color. However, the texture is pretty buttery and I don’t get/see any fall out which is pretty nice for a drugstore product. I might have better gone with the Beige palette considering the color in this one are too ‘light’. If you already have a pink/rose tone eye shadow palette in your collection, I don’t recommend you to buy this. However, for fair skin tone, the color would probably show up better.


Last, but not least, is the over-hyped Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. This cream eye shadow pot looks small but maaan… a little goes a long way. I don’t think I will be able to finish this palette before it reaches the expiry date.This bronze color is great to give your natural look a hint of ‘effort’, you know, eye shadow saviour for the lazy girl. Keep this handy in your clutch and give your eyes some depth by applying this to your lid with your (clean) finger and blend it to the crease for a clean look. I can see why this cream eye shadow is so raved by everyone. If only they come in matte/ base color this would make a perfect eye shadow base/primer.

So far I am happiest at my MakeOver Trivia Eye Shadow, even though it cost more than what would I normally pay for a local product (IDR 79,000) but the pigmentation and lasting quality is worth every penny. Now, I am thinking of getting another neutral-beige palette to complete my collection, any thoughts on this?



5 thoughts on “Beauty Report: Color My Eyes

  1. For some reason I’ve never tried the color tattoos but I know they are a fav for a bunch of makeup lovers. Def need to get my hands on them lol xx

    • Yeah they are definitely worth having, pretty handy to create a quick defined look! I don’t think I’ll be purchasing other colors anytime soon though one pot is enough haha

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