A Photo Story: My Wedding Day

Well…it’s been a while since I last wrote and I apologize. I got news for you: I got married last month. 16 of January to be exact. It felt surreal, and being married takes me to a whole new level of happiness. 

We invited 200 guests and we did not expect all of them to be there, since the wedding venue is located right around where Jakarta was hit by terrorist attack, just two days before the wedding.

However, turned out so many people came and it went beautiful. It felt like a dream. All I remember on the next day were mostly people, a lot of people asking for photos and in a busy day like that, when everything felt surreal, I found it difficult to feel the moment. Everything went by so quickly. 

They say, a couple of weeks later you will start remembering things and gathering pieces of the day. So here I am, attempting to recap everything, to re-live the moment by going through these photos. So here we go:

7:00 AM – Wedding Ceremony Make Up

I did not sleep until 2 o’clock and I woke up at 5:30, being overly excited and very nervous. I did a little work out to calm myself down and got around hotel rooms to sort out my family’s makeup. At 7 o’clock, my make up artist arrived we started my hair and make up.


I opted for a bohemian wedding veil because oh who doesn’t love bohemian wedding? 🙂

While doing my make up, the photographer took some of my wedding details:


My wedding dress was made by a bridal tailor in my hometown in Bogor. I am obsessed with backless dress and I knew I won’t have any other occasion to pull off a backless dress, so I made mine backless. I also in love with Hildegun Taipale’s wedding that I bumped in when browsing on Pinterest, and who knew she also worn a backless dress?!


10:00 AM

I arrived at the church to find out that there was a baptism ceremony in the morning, and my wedding which was supposed to be started at 11 would be delayed. However, it ended up to start on time. The groom, Peter, was already waiting inside with his family and his groomsmen, I hid in the car for about 40 minutes. Whilst waiting, I read the letter Peter gave me. It was full of emotions, I laughed, and cried, and laughed, and cried again.


11:00 AM

My parents have passed away, so my cousin walked me down the aisle. It was nerve-wrecking at the same time, it felt right and magical. You know, just right.


Peter and I are both Catholic, we held our wedding ceremony in an old Catholic church in Jakarta where we go to mass every weekend.


01:00 pm


The dinner reception started at 6 pm, but don’t you think of me and Peter sleeping our way to 6 o’clock because we certainly did not. We went back to the hotel, I barely ate my lunch, we took a lot of photos and right when I thought I got the time to nap… my make up artist arrived for my retouch. Some of the photos we took:




It started by wedding speeches.


Peter thanked everyone, all 182 people who made it despite the terrorist attack happened two days earlier, and how thankful he was to be married to me. Danny, Peter’s younger brother, who got a lot of fans from all the Indonesian lady delivered a very touching speech, he closed it by saying ‘Don’t fight to each other, but always fight for each other’ that got me teary-eyed. Then, Vera, my bridesmaid, went up the stage with unscripted speech, basically given Peter warning to not cheat on me, in her own way. As much as I wanted to make a speech, you know, woman empowerment… I knew I couldn’t because all I did would be crying out of joy. The wedding speeches followed by my favorite part of the night, cutting (and eating!) the cake. Indonesian weddings usually have three to ten tier wedding dummy cakes made of styrofoam. We ordered three tier real cakes for our wedding 🙂 


I hope the photo tells enough story on the cakes. We also fed our parents to thank them. Whilst the cake is my favorite part of every wedding, but the most memorable-beautiful-heart-melting-and-the-sweetest-part of the night was our first dance. We danced to ‘How Long Will I Love You’. I first heard it on the movie About Time, which we watched on our first Valentine in 2013, we were only start dating then and the movie made me realize how loving Peter was and how I wanted to enjoy this remarkable ride of life with him.


and the dance continued….


A little note to everyone though, Peter’s grandad is a journalist at the local paper back home called the Melton Times. He couldn’t make it to the wedding but to our surprise, he featured our wedding on the paper and our story made it to the headline. It was published on the 21st of January. The story can be found here.  A few days after, Leicester Mercury featured similar story on their paper. Here we go:





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