“The whole I have known you, you never say good things about her,” said boyfriend about my so-called-best friend. That strikes me because it was true. Wow.

I have known her for ages but deeply in my heart I am annoyed with everything she does, not to me, but to her life, to people around her…and probably to me without me noticing.

Sad. I know that people change, there are break ups. However I never thought me and her could be so distant. I predicted what she would be on our early days in university. But aren’t there always memories that bond us? That’s what I thought, but no, it’s wrong. Memories becomes nothing after certain times. Something you long for from yesterday becomes nothing after a few years, because guess what? People don’t just change, they forget. I too, of course forget.

What would you do if you were me? I love her as my best friend but it seems like she doesn’t anymore. We have stopped telling each other stories and instead spend time mocking each other and showing off at each other, that’s very unhealthy. I thought she was a family. I am kind of broken-hearted now.

I warn you on other thing, money change people. They think they have more money, flashes their cards and they think they are cool. Tell you what, being yourself is what cool. Trying to be someone else is painful. Stop it, my friend. Just… stop.


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