Birthday Wishes: God Bless Yana!

I turned 24 yesterday, and something happened last night left me speechless and teary-eyed. I was raised like a princess, spoiled by my mom until the age of 14 (she died when I was 15) and then spoiled by my dad until I lost my car and my house to pay his debts (for me) until he died when I was 21. Those hard days. I guess after losing all the material things and lost both parents, I know how it feels to have nothing. I know how it feels to have no one. So I don’t want other people to feel that way, especially if it’s a young girl.

I have been going out with Pete for 10 months and been sleeping over in his place for quite often. I once stayed for a whole week at his place when I had a motorbike accident and there is this girl working at his place, we call her Yana. She’s only 15 but she’s really smart and is really good at what she does.

I care about her as much as I care about other people (who I think deserve to be cared about). Thinking about her living by herself in a big city, working for strangers who don’t necessarily speak her language could be such a lonely life. So whenever I have food, or anything that I think I can give her, we give it to her. We share it with her.

Last week the news broke that she’s leaving the house to go back to her hometown. I was scared that it was might be because of me, or because of something else but turned out I heard she’s going to continue her study to senior high school. We felt a bit sad that she’s leaving but also think it was a good thing for her. She looked a bit sad when she told me about her leaving, I know it must be difficult to leave all the glitzy-easy days in the big city, to go back studying in a small village. So me and Pete decided to buy her some “school supplies” for her to use it when she’s back to school. Hopefully those stuff will help her to finish her study well.

So… this thing last night, I came home late and there was a gift in front of Pete’s room, beautifully wrapped in a pink princess-ey paper. I was curious of who it was from, in the inside was a cute little pink teddy and a card from Yana! That was the sweetest thing ever, I was teary-eyed when I read the card, and she wished me health and happiness.


This morning I came to her and asked how she knew it was my birthday yesterday, she said she found it on a card somewhere in the living room (?). She’s hoping I will keep the little teddy and the card as a reminder of her after she’s gone. That is a very, very sweet of her.

I never think I am a good person, I think I am an okay person. However, little teddy from Yana made me realised that maybe for once in 24 years life, I have been good enough for one Yana. Thank you, sweet girl. I am wishing you a bright, bright future post-school, and please don’t get married young… come back to us and we’ll try to help you to build your future. 🙂


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