Hello, Goodbye (Sir)


I have said goodbye so many times to foreigner friends whose stay in Indonesia were only for one or a couple of years’ time.  They were friends, they were colleagues, they were mentors and most of them are good people who I never wanted to say goodbye to, really. Last night, I had to say goodbye (again). This time is special though. Have I ever told you about the best boss I have ever had? Sir, as we used to call him, is flying back to Japan today.

Goodbyes with friends are difficult since I am personally close with them, we shared our stories and we shared travel, hang out memories when they were here. However, it is always easy to maintain friendship through social medias, and anything technology has provided you to ease the hassle of long distance relationships (or friendships).

While goodbye with bossman was mostly difficult because he was a big part of my life, as in I spent 1,5 years working with him, meeting him on daily basis and sometimes go on business trips, from the tough mucky trip in Kalimantan to the fancy, conference-ey on APEC time. We shared similar views on things, and I thought we worked pretty well together. The short one and a half years has created a strong bond between us as partners. An un-romantic relationship, if I may say. When I decided to leave him and the bureau three months ago, my heart broke and I cried my whole weekend out like a broken-hearted teenage girl.

As a clingy young girl, I tend to lean on many people to which I realised being attached to something is not always a good thing especially when you know you will need to part ways in the future. And why a goodbye with the bossman is it difficult (again)? Because we were connected through our work, like clients, so when there’s no work to be done sometimes it feels awkward to try maintain relationships. We might be friends outside work but not friends – friends if you know what I meant. There’s a lot of respects to each other. There’s no, “Hey, what’s up” chat at random times.

Looking at things today, it’s a little bit sad to see things changed, but I guess this is life. The bureau now has a totally different team compared to the first day when I joined. I still love them as much and still call that place home, but now it now runs by different people…. I guess as they say, home is wherever the people you love are.

Although after breaking everyone’s heart by leaving the bureau, I don’t regret my decision and sometimes, despite the good old days, there are many reasons out there to not look back. Yet I cherish every memories spent with the bureau and the lovely team.

Now the bossman has left. I have left. My old work-mate has left. It shows me the spoken truth in no one knows what the future holds.  I used to picture myself to be stuck in the bureau forever with the same people until I settled down and got married. But, as the bossman always says, “There’s a hello, there’s goodbye.”

For me though, goodbye is a temporary statement, just until we meet again. 



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