Valentine Weekend

So, apparently today is my second anniversary with Thank you for reminding me, of course. I actually have not much to write today. My life has become so boring after having an okay-job. However, I might share a little bit about the weekend. It’s Valentine weekend. My Friday Valentine was started by me fell in love to a kitty I found in front of the building I work. And let me tell you, I have never seen cats around before.


I told the beau I want him to take me out for dinner, and he asked me to choose the place. It was sooo funny, the fact that we don’t really go to nice places that often anymore, and the fact that it was a lovey-dovey celebration, it took me about a week to choose a place.


A newly-opened restaurant called E & O in South Jakarta was chosen based on the popularity of the chef (Will Meyrick is the guy) and it is owned by Union group in Jakarta. The place was beautiful, the design is pretty much similar to Union and Loewy. I take that their signature design is reflected on their big windows, which I pretty much like. The food was surprisingly, stupidly, and weirdly delicious. Dear friends, if you have too much money to spend on such gastronomical journey, E & O it is.

The night was still young, we headed to the oldest pub in Jakarta, Jayapub in the central area which was a bit quiet than I expected. But you know… as I said, the night was still young. We didn’t stay too long in here, regardless of how much I enjoy the music and the place, my eyes were teary from all the cigarettes smokes. They have food to serve as well and I heard the food is pretty decent, maybe I should go back and try it someday.


Sunday went busy, went to church in the morning then went to a barbeque night to a friend’s house. The highlight was our lunch at The Baked Goods in Central Jakarta. Well, mine was just a cake but the beau’s beef karbanat was amazing.


It was a lovely weekend after all. Oh! This year was our first Valentine, nine hundreds and ninety nine more to go.


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