About Time


Photo: Fairfax media

Living in Jakarta will teach you about time. I personally was raised in a family who appreciates time. My dad and my mom were never late. There’s even no such thing as fashionably late for them. For me, given the traffic here; you will have a daily journey of forever at average speed of 10km/hour in commute hours. This, for some people here would be considered as reasons to be late. Indonesian people toleration on being late is unbelievable. Most of the time, when meeting up with friends/ clients I would be the person who waits.

Other things about Jakarta’s traffic is me and work. I finish at 04.30 pm every day, and most of the people here would leave work at 5 the earliest. I don’t. When I have nothing to do, I leave exactly at 04.30. Why? Well, first I don’t see the point of staying at work when I have nothing to do. Secondly, different departure time of 5 minutes at the shortest, will give you a total different result of journey home. I once leave at 04.45 pm, the bus didn’t show up until past 5, being caught at 5 pm’s traffic is a direct suggestion for running home. When I leave at 4.30 pm straight, I can be at home by 5.20 pm instead of 6.30 pm due to a 5 minutes late.

Time is money, that is. What about your city?


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