Our First Christmas

Our First Christmas

It’s Christmas time! It’s Pete’s first Christmas in the Southeast Asia and our first Christmas together. This is a picture of our Christmas tree. I never thought of buying one, but Pete thought it’s a good idea and to be honest I’ve never had a Christmas tree before.

My dad was a catholic and my mom was a christian, we went to church a few times in a year, but Christmas has never been anything special. Christmas was the day when we went to church (when we wanted to) and that’s all. No Christmas dinner, no Christmas gifts and this year… thank God for the amazing boyfriend, I got to feel the real Christmas. We are going to cook on Christmas eve for a dinner at a friend’s place. So excited!!

If you see the heart-shaped light decoration was made by me and Pete. I first made a “Be Merry” writing with them when Pete was still asleep, but when I switch the light on, it failed totally. I couldn’t read anything.

The blue lights were accidental, we thought the led we bought were colorful, but it’s not. It’s blue! Oh well, Blue Christmas it is.


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