And It’s All Coming Back…

She got off the taxi and sat on that bus stop. She looked around a few minutes before she left. Clutching her red purse on the right and black umbrella on the left.

He was here. She talked to her heart.

He really was here. She said again.

Of course he wasn’t here. Of course he’s left. She convinced her mind and heart.

She thought again. He belongs to her. She owns him.

The search was fruitless. The orange sky turned to red and its dark nature came to show.

As she walked back home…

Hi. He said to her.

She almost lost the grip on her umbrella. Hi, she replied. Silence got through them and cold is the air.

They walked toward each other. Smiled to each other. Hugged.

I’m here. I’m here. He said.

I thought I have lost you. I know she needs you.

They hugged. The night went cold.

I’ve never wanted to see her. Ever. He looked through her eyes deeply.

Fancy a hot chocolate? She asked him.

He smiled back and as they held hand to go home together, to the place they both called home…he replied to her with big smiles and a peck on her cheek.

You’ll always be the best mother to me, you know that. I don’t need another mother.


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