Save The Best For Last

I was with the wrong guy and here’s a conversation I had with a friend a few months ago.

“Are you happy with him?”

“Well, I’m happy when I’m around him.”

“Does he treat you well and better than your previous one?”

“Hmm..with that previous one, on my happy time, I could be the happiest girl.”

“People said, save yourself for the best. And trust me, the best will come. If you once think your ex was the best but he wasn’t, then be with someone that at least better than him…not worse. Because you are worth it and you deserve it.”

My thoughts at that time was, I didn’t know if anyone would ever love me again. I didn’t know if the best would be there. I was scared that “the best one” was only in theory. Because really, if you keep looking for the best when will you stop and settle down? Come on, the grass is always greener on the other side.

However, really…what my friend said about “If you’ve ever been with someone-you-think-is-best but they’re not, your next one should be at least better, not worse.”

We are worth enough to be loved and one day, when you’re least expecting it…that someone who is better than what-you-thought-was-best will come. They could be your best friend, they could be your friend, they could be your friend of friend…or a stranger you once heard their names about from a friend. Like mine.


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