Don’t Judge A Story By What It Seems

On a cold night in April when there was no blue moon nor any stars… I had to say goodbye to the cutest old guy I once had a crush for.

There was nothing happened between us. However, something happened between me and his friend. A story that takes 1001 nights to tell but something that worth a thousand lessons and shed too many tears.

On that farewell…this cute old guy of mine told me something he (thought he) knew about us.

“The thing is, you’ve been through a lot together. I know you care about each other very much, so whatever happens…on your death bed, the beautiful moment that counts.”

He thought it was beautiful.

We, humans, sometimes too busy hiding. I was too busy acting. I was too busy dreaming. I lived in a dream that I was happy, that we were happy but we’re not.

What I learned is, to fake a life…sometimes what you need is a mask of strength and tons of spare smile.

Thank you you-cute-old-guy-of-mine, for mistakenly thought I was a happy gal for once.

I am now though.


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