Female porter, Yogyakarta.

Female porter, Yogyakarta.

As a 23-young-hearted lady, I have a back of a 60-year-old. This photo though, however… makes my back feels even older. Maybe I should become a female porter.

The 85-year-old lady works as a female porter. She earns a living by carrying fruit, vegetables and dry goods among other items, in baskets strapped to their backs starting work in the early hours and finishing late in the day. It is reported that on a busy day at the market, the average porter will earn an income of Rp 35.000 or $3.70 per day.

Photo credit: Ulet Ifansasti.

2 thoughts on “Female porter, Yogyakarta.

  1. this photo makes me sad. thank you for reminding me that a lot of people in this country still need help. The big question is, what can we do for them?

    • Hi Dini, thank you for stopping by. Yes a lot of people still need help, a lot. However, this photo makes me half-happy because in her age she’s still strong (which means healthy) enough to do such job with a smiley face 🙂 . Maybe one day if you met a female porter, ask them what makes them happy 🙂

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